Guidance Teachers 

Each pupil at Harlaw Academy has a Guidance Teacher. The Principal Teacher of Guidance is the establishment contact for their allocated pupils and acts as a point of contact between home, school and other agencies which might be involved with their pupils. The Guidance Teachers monitor their young person’s progress and has a responsibility to ensure that support is sought to help with any challenges or barriers to their learning. Guidance Teachers liaise with the Form Teachers who provide a daily contact with the youngsters and are often alert to any changes in a young person.

Young people have access to their Guidance teachers on a daily basis but also have a formal weekly contact through PSE (Personal Social Education) which Guidance teacher are responsible for the development and delivery of.

Guidance teachers record all communications received about their pupils in the young persons’ pastoral notes as appropriate. Guidance Teachers hold assemblies to acknowledge pupils’ achievements and promote positive behaviour.

Guidance teachers are responsible for a year group; if you have any concerns you can contact them via the school office on 01224 589251 or by email:

  • Mrs Wilson (S1) Ms Wright (Acting)
  • Ms Nepute (S2)
  • Mrs Lawrenson (S3)
  • Mrs Kermath (S4) PT Pupil Support Leader
  • Dr  McIntosh (S5)
  • Mr Nelson (S6)

Year Head – Depute Head Teachers

S1&2 – Mrs Lawson

S3&4 – Mr Craig

S5&6 – Mrs Esslemont

Head Teacher – Mr McLaren

‘ACIS Youth’ Counsellor

There are two counsellors at Harlaw Academy, Claire (f) and Mati (m).  Mati is in school on Monday and Tuesday and Claire on Wednesday and Thursday. They will work with any pupil in S1-S6 who would like to have some time to talk about problems and difficulties they feel they are having.

Pupils can access the service by asking their Guidance Teacher to set up an appointment.

One of our counsellors will meet the young person for an ‘initial appointment’, to explain how the service works and what counselling is about. If the pupil feels that counselling may be beneficial, they will be placed on the waiting list and will be contacted as soon as a space becomes available.  An appointment will last a period and each pupil attending counselling will be offered up to 12 weekly sessions with one of our counsellors. The only person who will know a pupil is attending a counselling appointment is their Guidance Teacher (for health and safety purposes), they will not however know what is discussed in appointments.

The service is confidential, however, if the young person is at risk or may not be safe, Mati or Claire may have to share this with the appropriate person in school, usually their Guidance Teacher.  This would be discussed with the young person first.

School Nurse

The school nurse service offers confidential support with regard to the health and wellbeing of school aged children and young people between the ages of 5-19 years. The school nurse works in partnership with you and your child to help identify and support their physical, emotional and mental health needs. Throughout your child or young person’s time in secondary school support can be offered on a one-to-one basis or, if appropriate, working with the family as a whole unit. Part of the role of the school nurse is to liaise with other professionals and agencies that can offer support to your child or young person.

Referrals can be made directly to the school nurse by any young person, parent/guardian, General Practitioner or any member of the Education Team.