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S1 Parents’ Evening 16 June

To login to the S1 Parents’ Evening please click on the link https://www.parents-booking.co.uk/harlawacademy and complete the login information below. Please note this needs to be exactly the same information you used to book your appointments which matches the main contact information in our information system for your child. This is important – even using a shortened version of a first name will stop the login working.

If you experience difficulties accessing the Parents’ Evening online please note:-


1 The “Join Video Meetings” button will not appear until 15 minutes before your first appointment

2 Grey box where the teacher’s video should be (after the meeting has started)
This means that your computer isn’t able to connect to the video server. This is generally either
1. You are using an internet browser that is incompatible (or might need Updated)
2. Your internet connection or firewall is blocking the video meeting (try using a device with 3G/4G to
see if there’s a difference, and if so you know it’s your internet connection/firewall), or
3. Your computer has some other sort of issue stopping it connecting (in which case we would
recommend you try a different device, e.g. smartphone, tablet, computer).

3“Cannot access your device due to a hardware error”
This means the webcam/mic are not ‘available’ for your internet browser to use. If you’ve recently had a
Teams/Zoom meeting, make sure these are closed (even try a CTRL+AT+Delete to close them, or a
computer restart). You may need to try a different computer/smartphone/tablet if you can’t find the
cause to this error.
“The user did not give permission to access your media”
This often means the internet browser is blocking access to the webcam. Look at your internet
browser’s web address bar and check if the video symbol is ‘blocked’. If it is, unblock and refresh the
web page.

If you are having difficulty groupcall us or email harlawacademy@aberdeencity.gov.uk

Our vision is to be:

 ambitious, excellent and the best we can be

We aim to respect the rights of young people and encourage them to:

 participate, improve and enjoy success

In our relationships and our actions we will show:

  • Respect for People:  we consider the health, safety and well being of ourselves and others
  • Respect for Learning: we are on time, on task, trying our best and achieving success
  • Respect for Community: we have a positive impact in school, locally and in the wider world

* (These statements were updated by pupils, staff and parents in 2018 and will be reviewed by them every 3 years)

On 16th March 2018 Harlaw Academy became the first secondary school in the UK to be assessed at and achieve the Rights Respecting School Gold Award from UNICEF UK.

Pupils or parents can find out more about UN Convention on the Rights of the Child here:

UNCRC guide for children.

Copies of the UNCRC is also available in a variety of languages through either of these links:

UNCRC articles in different languages , UNCRC articles in 58 different languages