At Harlaw Academy we are keen to improve our sustainability and the environment around the school, we encourage pupils to actively travel to school for their health and for the environment.  This year we participated in the Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel event in March, with an average of 18% of the school travelling actively to school, we are hoping to improve on this next year. 

Our school cycling champions Mrs. Black and Mrs. Tayler currently run a cycling group for girls in partnership with the Sustrans #andshecycles project, they are hoping to open this to all pupils in the future. 

The links listed below will help you to plan a safe cycling route to school, as well as giving general cycling hints and tips.

Once you get to school there is a bike shelter for your bike, make sure you bring a lock to secure it for the day.  If you need a locker to store cycling equipment like your helmet during the day speak to our cycling champions as we have a number available to pupils. 

Resources can be found at the following links:-

Aberdeen city council cycling maps –

Cycling journey planner UK –

Cycle Streets –

Sustrans –

Advice for beginner cyclists –