If you wish to make a complaint about any aspect of Harlaw Academy you can do so in a number of ways:

  • in person at the school office – please note it is not always to see someone immediately but we will try to take and initial note and follow this up promptly
  • by phone  – 01224 589251
  • by e-mail – harlawacademy@aberdeencity.gov.uk
  • by letter – Mr Ross McLaren, Head Teacher, Harlaw Academy, 18-20 Albyn Place, Aberdeen AB10 1RG

If you are making a complaint it is helpful to know who you are (a parent, member of the public etc).  If you are a parent it also helps to know the name of your child and their year group and/or class.

We will always take any complaint seriously, look into it promptly and get back to you within a reasonable time.  Many complaints can be dealt with within a day or two but for ones which are more complex or where people are dealing with other things it can take a little longer.  We aim to have responded to all complaints within 5 working days and if it is likely to take longer we will let you know the reason and when you can expect a resolution.

Complaints are one way in which we try to improve things at the school.  We try to resolve them at the lowest level possible so it is often a Guidance teacher or Year Head who respond initially as this means that the Head Teacher can deal with any appeal against the complaint.

We recognise that sometimes people wish to take their complaint outwith the school or feel the way in which things have been handled by the school need escalated.  For this reason we also attach the Aberdeen City Council complaints leaflet which sets out the council complaints process.


How to make a complaint