Study Rooms

Study Period Timetable – From 9th January 2017


The following rooms are provided for pupils in S5/S6 for use during their study periods. Pupils may also use the library, if it is available.

Pupils should not use the snack bar, canteen or hang about in corridors – this includes the glass corridor.

S5/S6 pupils can choose to sign out during a study period to go elsewhere.

The school is a working environment and classes are taking place each period. Senior pupils should not disrupt the working and learning of others. Pupils should ensure they have something productive to do with them.

Study periods should be used for studying.

Monday p1 B69
Monday p2 B31
Monday p3 A31
Monday p4 A36
Tuesday p1 B27
Tuesday p2 A36
Tuesday p3 A60
Tuesday p4 A61
Wednesday p1 A60
Wednesday p2 A66
Wednesday p3 A37
Wednesday p4 B66
Thursday p1 A17
Thursday p2 B1
Thursday p3 B2
Thursday p4 B30
Friday p1 B68
Friday p2 A17
Friday p3 B67
Friday p4 B60
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