S3/4 & 5 Course Choice Information Evening

Jan 29, 2019 |

S3/4 & 5 Course Choice Information Evening – Wednesday 30th January at 7.00pm S3/4 & 5 Parents & Guardians are invited to our Course Choice Information Evening. Information will be given on the course choice pathways, options and process.  

School Uniform Change of Supplier

Jan 28, 2019 |

As of the 12th February 2019 Harlaw Academy will have a new online uniform supplier – My Clothing which parents can access using the link My Clothing will now provide our online service to parents instead of Tesco UES and further information on our new supplier is provided in this leaflet My Clothing A4 … read more

S3 Parents’ Evening

Jan 28, 2019 |

S3 Parents’ Evening Thursday 7th February 2019 from 4.15pm – 6.45pm S3 Parents and guardians are invited to attend the S3 Parents’ Evening in Harlaw Academy on Thursday 7th February 2019 to meet their child’s subject teachers. Our Guidance Teachers will be available to discuss pupils overall progress at school and also present on the … read more

14th – 18th January: Learners, teachers, families and community

Jan 20, 2019 |

We often think of school in terms of the interaction of pupils and teachers within classrooms.  If I reflect on the past week it is clear school is about much more than this. I want to start with a diagram of a jigsaw.  At the centre are the two pieces – student and teacher.  The … read more

7th-11th January 2019 – Support and challenge

Jan 17, 2019 |

Welcome back to a new year and a new school term.  Next week our seniors sit their prelim exams and this will help add to the picture we are building up about their progress.  Back in August I spoke of increased expectations and we have worked hard to keep revisiting this over the session.  I … read more

17th -21st December 2018 – Into the holidays

Dec 22, 2018 |

Incident on Thursday:  At lunchtime on Thursday one of our pupils let an intruder into the school and this resulted in a potentially serious event taking place.  I am unable to comment on what took place as it is part of an on-going police investigation.  What I will say is that our staff and pupils … read more

Prelim timetable

Dec 18, 2018 |

The Harlaw Academy prelims run from Monday 14th January to Friday 29th January and S4-6 pupils are on study leave for the duration of the prelims. Pupils can use the timetable below to plan their study over the Christmas break.   Some faculties are running class sessions for pupils(highlighted in blue in the timetable) over the … read more

10th-14th December 2018 – Christmas Kindness

Dec 15, 2018 |

As we head towards the Christmas holidays we will try to strike a balance between keeping the focus on the work and acknowledging some of the key ideas around this time of year. On the work front we are very aware of the need to prepare senior pupils for prelim exams in January.  Therefore pupils … read more

Aberdeen pupils rewarded for volunteer work

Dec 13, 2018 |

Well done to all our many volunteers @HarlawWider and community partners. Thank you for your great efforts.

Wider Achievement

Dec 13, 2018 |

Working with NESCOL to develop opportunities for Harlaw pupils 

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