One of the delights of working in a school is the opportunity we have to see, on a daily basis, talent come through from our young people.  This blog picks out some of the examples to look out for in December.

  • Northsound quiz:  our team have reached the finals of the quiz and await the outcome of the second semi final to hear who we will meet in the final next week.
  • Christmas concert: final preparations are underway for the concert on Tuesday 17th December.  I have heard some of the groups rehearsing and am looking forward to the concert which is our final showcase of the year.
  • Art exhibition:  we have a partnership with Park Inn Radisson and through this our pupils have the chance to have their artwork exhibited at the hotel over the festive period.  There was a launch event last week and if you are in the hotel over the next few months take time to appreciate the work of our talented artists.
  • Senior exams:  some of our seniors are involved in exams this week and this is a real chance for their talent to come to the fore.  We have set more ambitious goals for our attainment as a school and this is based on each individual pupil being “the best they can be”.
  • S2 reports:  the S2 reports will be going out and again this should show the youngsters and their families who is working to their potential and who still has more to find.

I would like each of our pupils to think back over 2019 and pick out 2-3 moments where their talent shone through.  These may be moments where their work was on display, they took part in something or scored well in a test.  But they may also be less obvious things such as; making new friends, losing my temper less or trying something new.

In addition to thinking back on 2019 I would also like them to think ahead to 2020 and what they may do in order to ensure their talent continues to shine through.