Over last week we hosted a whole school inspection.  This was a very thorough process in which 12 HMIe (Her Majesty Inspectors of Education) spent time really getting to know the school.  A full report of the inspection should be published around February 2020.  At present I am only able to share the headline messages and I plan to do this with staff during the in-service days this week, with pupils at assemblies next week and with parents through the Parent Council.  I will also share the key points with all parents after being round these 3 groups.

There are some areas of strength but also areas which we have to improve.  The areas for improvement fall into 3 main types:

  • the ones we knew about and are in a position to sort – these are already in our current improvement plans but will be given more urgency in the light of the feedback
  • the ones we knew about but will need help to sort – I will be following up who can help us to get these sorted and can update parents where we are by the time the report is published in February
  • ones which emerged through the visit – some of these will come onto our current plans some with a degree of urgency and some within the plans going forward

As we take things forward I shall keep staff, pupils and parents involved to ensure we work together on the improvements which are required.

I want to thank all who were involved in the inspection either through questionnaire returns or attending focus groups.  This has helped give us a very clear picture of what needs to improve.

If you are a pupil or parent please remember staff have two in-service days this week so pupils only have classes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.