In Spring 2016 we held meetings with staff, pupils, parents and others in the community to set out priorities to guide school improvement over a 3-year period.  This exercise produced 9 priorities for transformational change;

  • Relationships and ethos
  • Personal support and inclusion
  • Participation and involvement
  • Opportunities
  • Learning
  • Attainment
  • Achievement
  • Citizenship
  • School leadership and school improvement

 These priorities informed our annual improvement plans and gave a degree of purpose and stability to change over a longer period.  Attached is a brief report of progress in respect of the 9 priorities.

Transformational change 2019 to 2022

Setting 3-year priorities was useful and the attached note also set out draft transformational priorities for August 2019 through to July 2022 under 4 headings:

  • Raising attainment and achievement
  • Improving people
  • Improving learning
  • Improving community

I invite you to offer feedback on the report of progress and on the priorities for 2019-2022.  If you have any comments please get them to me before Monday 17th June.  It is my intention to meet with a small group of pupils, parents and staff to consider any feedback and finalise the report and priorities.  A final version of the report and plans will then be issued prior to the summer holidays.