There were a few possible topics to speak about from the week just past:

  • the awards event on Monday
  • the last day of senior classes on Tuesday
  • a newspaper article about our study leave which appeared on Tuesday
  • the start of SQA exams on Thursday
  • P7s visiting for a Technology day

Our awards event was brilliant and I will pull it together in a separate post.  The last day of senior classes went well and all that needs me to say is thank you and best wishes for what lies ahead.  The newspaper article was “so last week” as it had already been mentioned in my previous blog.  The start of the SQA exams although important is something pupils are ready for.  The P7s are also well used to visiting us and they came along and enjoyed working together and learning within our Business, Computing and Technology classes.

I would love to say a lot more but about each of these items but my highlight of the week came when our weekly podcast was posted.  This week it features Moira Garden our fantastic Cook in Charge.  If you are a parent, pupil, colleague or casual visitor to my blog please listen to Moira.  She not only talks about school meals she speaks about her time at the school, her team, her life and her passions.  It is 10 minutes of warmth and wisdom from a true star who has provided meals for pupils at the school for over a quarter of a century.  Even if you have never met Moira you will feel you do after listening to this

We are fortunate to have outstanding non teaching staff at Harlaw Academy and I delighted to have the chance to feature this as my personal highlight in a week of highlights.