Over the course of this week I have being leading assemblies with a focus on one of our 3 behaviour statements: Respect Community.

The slides I used at the assembly can be accessed here Assembly February 2019 alongside the slides were some key messages which I will summarise here:

  • we have a fantastic community which we should be proud of and which we need to look after
  • we need to recognise the incredible opportunities which are on our doorstep
  • we also need to appreciate the importance of young people and Harlaw Academy having a good reputation in their community
  • the vast majority of our pupils do a great deal to enhance the reputation of young people and of Harlaw Academy
  • a small number of individuals act in ways which damage that reputation and because we are in such a public location this can have a very negative impact

We needed all our pupils to act in ways which had a positive impact in the community  This would help them not only in their own future but also help future generations to enjoy all of the advantages of our city centre location.