As of the 12th February 2019 Harlaw Academy will have a new online uniform supplier – My Clothing which parents can access using the link

My Clothing will now provide our online service to parents instead of Tesco UES and further information on our new supplier is

provided in this leaflet

My Clothing have price matched to our current Tesco prices and a full price list of their services are listed for parents:




Parents are also reminded of the alternatives to this online service:

1  Stevensons School Uniform Store will be opening from 9am on Monday the 4th February, at 429 Union Street.  This is a new store replacing Aitken & Niven on Bridge Street.  Parents and pupils can drop in to the store to try on uniform as well as ordering online

2  The school office sell school badges at a cost of £4.50 which can be stuck onto any plain blazer

3 The school has a store of recycled uniform items that can be provided to pupils.  Any parent or pupil interested in this should contact their Guidance teacher.