Incident on Thursday:  At lunchtime on Thursday one of our pupils let an intruder into the school and this resulted in a potentially serious event taking place.  I am unable to comment on what took place as it is part of an on-going police investigation.  What I will say is that our staff and pupils really stepped up to respond to the incident and identify those responsible.  As a result of what happened I issued the following reminder to our pupils on Friday:

  • on no account should they let an intruder into the building – if they do they will be viewed as an accomplice
  • if they become aware of an intruder or anything of concern they need to report it immediately
  • within the school outside jackets must be removed (on Thursday we ‘swept’ the building and it helps if our pupils are in uniform and visitors are wearing an ID badge)

End of term:  Apart from Thursday we had a really good run up to the holidays.  Classes remained very purposeful up until 3.00 on Friday.  Alongside this we had a number of things tied to an overall theme of “Christmas Kindness”.  These included:

  • Christmas Jumper day last Friday which raised £600 for Save the Children
  • A lunch and a Christmas Fair which raised just over £300 for Friends of Anchor
  • Foodbank collections which filled 3 trolley loads of food for Inchgarth Community Centre to pass on to Tillydrone Flat.
  • Christmas Concert which had a packed programme of talented performers
  • Christmas Turkey and trimmings lunch
  • Showing the film Polar Express over the final few lunchtimes of term
  • Festive assemblies at which I spoke of the fantastic things our pupils do to support others and also highlight some things they do that are unkind and should be avoided
  • Junior choir singing at the assemblies

The slides I used at the assembly are shown here Christmas assembly 2018

The song sung by our Junior choir is a Kelly Clarkson song called “My grown up Christmas list”.  The lyrics of the song are all about the hopes for a peaceful and kind world and you can read the lyrics and hear the Kelly Clarkson version of the song here

It was a very appropriate song to finish our assemblies and to sum up the last few weeks of Christmas Kindness.

All that is left is for me to thank our staff, pupils and parents for all their fantastic work in 2018.  I look forward to welcoming you all back on Monday 7th January 2019.  Have a fantastic festive break.