Parents and pupils are asked to note the arrangements in place for spells of severe weather:- 

School Closure/Delayed start

Where heavy early morning snow is forecast the start of the school day may be delayed until 9.30am to allow pupils and staff time to travel to school safely.

You can find up to date information on Harlaw school closures from the following sources:-

  1. The school information line

The number to call is 0870 054 1999 followed byPin Code 011050

2. AberdeenCity Council Website

3. NorthsoundRadio

4. Groupcall message service

Shortened Lunch hour

Where there are safety concerns over severe weather the school lunch hour may be shortened to 45 minutes and the school will close at 3 pm. If a decision is taken to shorten the lunch hour and close at 3pm, this will be communicated through our Groupcall message service.

Priority Paths
The priority paths our janitors clear in the morning are indicated on the diagram below and are cleared in order from 1 to 3.