If you need to contact the school about your exam results please e-mail us at harlawacademy@aberdeencity.gov.uk – the e-mail will be checked regularly on the 7th and 8th August for any queries regarding exam results.  Alternatively the school office will be staffed from Monday 12th August and you can call on the main phone line 01224 589251.

Post-results Services Information for Pupils and Parents 2018

This service is available to centres after results day on 7 August 2018.

If a centre is concerned by a candidate’s result in a subject, it can request a clerical check and/or a marking review of the candidate’s submissions for that subject.


What is a Clerical Check?

A clerical check is an administrative check that is designed to ensure that:

  • all parts of the candidate’s submission have been marked and
  • the marks given for each answer have been totalled correctly
  • the correct result has been entered on SQA’s software


What is a Marking Review?

A marking review is undertaken by examiners and involves the consideration of a

candidate’s materials submitted to SQA for marking to ensure that:

  • all parts of the submission have been marked
  • the marking is in line with the national standard
  • the marks given for each answer have been totalled correctly, and
  • the correct result has been entered on SQA’s software


Criteria for Post-results service

In line with SQA guidance Harlaw Academy must ensure that access to the Post-results Service is done in a fair, equitable and consistent manner.

  • Harlaw Academy will only submit a Post-results Service requests where we are of the view that the candidate’s certificated grade is at odds with the assessment evidence gathered during the course, and that it is out of line with the performance of other candidates with similar profiles.
  • The decision on whether to submit a request will take into account all of the candidate’s work during the year and is not based solely on the estimate grade.
  • Post-results service requests will be considered where the candidate’s certificated grade is at least 2 bands lower than predicted based on the totality of assessment evidence for the course.
  • The final decision on whether to submit Post-results service requests will be taken by the Head Teacher in liaison with the SQA Co-ordinator and the relevant Faculty Head.


Parents and pupils are advised that Post Results-service requests will not be made for any of the following reasons:-

  • a candidate’s entry to college or university is dependent on a re-grade
  • a candidate’s component marks place their result close to a grade boundary
  • the candidate or their parents offer to pay any costs arising from the request


Parents and pupils are also advised that a Clerical Check or Marking Review can lead to a change of grade either up or down.


Key Dates


Post-results Services open 7 August 2018
Priority marking review request deadline (for candidates with a current conditional university/college offer) 17 August 2018
Results of priority marking reviews 27 August 2018
Marking review and clerical check deadline 28 August 2018
Results of clerical checks and marking reviews 28 September 2018


SQA will charge Harlaw Academy for all Post-results Service requests where the candidate’s grade remains unchanged following the clerical check and/or marking review. These costs are met by the school.

If would like further information on the SQA Post-results service please see the SQA website



A pdf version of this guidance is available by clicking the link below:-

Harlaw Academy Post-Results Service 2018