Senior school arrangements for next week


I am sorry to have to let you know that there has been significant disruption at Harlaw Academy today caused by the behaviour of some of the senior pupils.  As a result of this disruption, we have reluctantly taken the decision to start study leave for S4-S6 from Monday 30th April.  S4-6 pupils should not be in the building on Monday and Tuesday next week without prior agreement.

In order to ensure we do not disadvantage pupils who were due to complete assessments on Monday or Tuesday I can confirm the following arrangements are in place:-

  1. Normal classes for seniors are suspended on Monday and Tuesday
  2. The school office will contact parents via our Groupcall messaging system to invite pupils to attend classes on Monday or Tuesday if this is required to complete assessments
  3. Pupils can access material at home through Google classroom
  4. Pupils should not arrive at school without having been invited.
  5. Any pupil visiting school including for exams should be in school uniform.S6 hoodies are not permitted after the events of today.
  6. Exam arrangements will apply for pupils sitting exams from Tuesday onwards


I hope this information is clear and I ask that you discuss the content with your child(ren) over the weekend.


David Innes