In spring 2015 we undertook a fairly significant review of our vision, values and behaviour statements.

Prior to this there had not been a review for many years and even then I think the statements had largely been undertaken by senior staff at the school and passed on to pupils to follow.  Certainly none of the pupils in the school had been involved in the construction or the review of the statements which we had in place.

In Spring 2015 we not only decided to review the statements we also decided to involve pupils, parents and staff in the process.  We also indicated that we would review the statements every 3 years.  The thinking behind this was to ensure that the statements would better relate to (and belong to) the people who were in the school at any given time.  Pupils for example would have the chance to review them once when they were in the junior school and once in the senior school.

So here we are in the Spring of 2018 ready to refresh our vision etc statements.  I have prepared a brief presentation which sets out our current statements, offers one possible alternative and invites you to make comments or suggestions.  The presentation can be viewed here Vision 2018 to 2021

I have sent this to all staff, to parents (via group call) and pupils will have a chance to come up with their thoughts in form time and through their representatives.  I am also looking to involve each of our local P7 classes.  You have between now and mid March to pass in your views.  These will be considered by a group of pupils, staff and parents who will make recommendations to the school governance group (a group with representatives from pupils parents and staff).  It is my hope that we will have a draft set of statements ready for soon after Easter and these will be ready to launch in June as our new P7 start with us and our current school begin their new timetable.

As you know we are committed to engaging with parents and promoting the rights of children (eg article 12 the right to have a say in matters affecting them).  I hope you will engage with this consultation on shaping the vision, values and behaviour statements for your/our school.  We have over 900 pupils and around 100 staff who are part of the Harlaw Academy community.  I want us to have a common purpose which we have all been part of shaping.