We have had a number of fire alarms over the last few days, most of them have been set off within class time. We have reminded pupils and staff that we must continue to treat every alarm seriously. Whilst this has been disruptive, we want to recognise that the majority of pupils have behaved in a safe, sensible, mature way through this inconvenience.

In order to try to minimise the disruption to learning our prefects and staff are supporting extra measures around the corridors and we will shorten our lunchtime. Therefore, afternoon school will run from 1.15pm – 3pm every day this week.

Youngsters who are not where they should be during class time may well be interviewed as witnesses / suspects should an alarm go off.  It would be helpful if you could discuss this with your child, emphasising the dangers and disruption and ensuring your child never gets involved in this sort of thing or gives encouragement to others.  I’m also asking parents to check at home for information that has not been shared with us about who might be responsible so we can take appropriate action.

D Innes