Groupcall Information for Parents

Due to an updated version of our Groupcall messaging system, the information that we provide to parents on pupil absence from school is changing.  From Wednesday 6th September we will send Absence messages to parents twice a day – once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

The message will be sent via our Groupcall system and will be delivered as a text message to the mobile phone of the primary contact for the pupils concerned.  The message will state

Pupil name is not in his/her current class.  Please call the school immediately if you are not aware of his/her absence from class”

How is this different from the current arrangements?

This is different as the text message you receive will be based on “live” information.  This means that at the time the text message is sent, your child is not in school.

It does not mean that your child has not arrived in school that day.  They may have been present in school during Form Time but have not gone to their Period 1 class or they may have been in school in the morning and not gone to their afternoon class.

The important thing to do is if you are not aware of your child’s absence from school you should call us straight away so that we can investigate where your child is.  This will establish if there is cause for concern.  During our investigation we will liaise closely with you and make sure we keep you updated.

I hope that this will be an improvement on current arrangements.

An additional consequence of the updated Groupcall messaging system is that we can no longer send messages to parents to let them know that their child was late to school on any given date.