Each year the school is required to prepare a report into the standards and quality of our work.  The reposr for session 2015/16 is available here:  sqip-2015-16-harlaw-draft-final

It is always a bit odd looking back on last session particularly in September/October when the new school year is underway and we are very focussed on doing our best in the here and now and preparing for what lies ahead.

However it is important to pull all the successes together in one place and also note the areas we want to do a bitr better on this session.

As we move forward I will speak more about the National Improvement Framework – a set of priorities set by National Government.  These have a strong focus on;

  • improving literacy, numeracy and health/wellbeing,
  • a determination to raise attainment and to help the most disadvantaged groups to close the attainment gap
  • ensuring more learners leave school and into a positive post school destinations

We do quite well in some of these areas but we need to re-double our efforts to do even better in all of them as we move forward.