Thinking of others:

At the start of the week one of our first year classes discussed a plan they had to help refugee children in Calais and Dunkirk.  They are collecting donations of clothing through to March 24th and then sending items south.  It was very moving to hear the Harlaw youngsters not only speaking about the plight of the refugees and I hope we can all help them by donating clothes, hats, scarves, warm clothing and toys.

Then on Friday we had a visit from the blood transfusion service.  44 people signed up to give blood – 24 of these were first time donors.  It was really good to see so many senior pupils willing to take time to donate and I am sure most will go on to be regular donors in the future.  The pictures show some of the senior boys filling in their forms prior to giving blood and some of the senior girls enjoying the treats after making their donations (part of Paul Duguid is also in this picture but you will need keen eyes to spot the bit of him in the background).

20160304_115334       20160304_115426

Finally on the theme of thinking of others can I say a big thanks to Neil Hendry, HT at Northfield Academy.  Neil had a few spare places on a trip to a Glasgow Warriors match this weekend and offered them to Harlaw pupils.  I am looking forward to hearing how their trip went.