The main ‘event’ this week was our Keeping in Touch (KIT) visit.

This is where senior officers come in to speak with us about our exam results and the improvement plans for the session.  It is a mixture of support and challenge ie they are keen to hear what we have been doing well but they also look for areas where we can do better.  It is a demanding session which lasts a full morning.

I am always keen to learn from others and the opportunity for someone external to come in and look at things is always very helpful.  It forces us to look at our own practices before the visit, it allows us to tell our story and it also reveals areas where we have work to do.

Arising from the visit are two items – one is our standards and quality report from 2014/15 and the other is an updated version of our school improvement plans for session 2015/16 (copies of both are attached to this blog).  I realise not every reader will want to read 15 pages and will arrange for a summary leaflet to be issues early in the new term.

At the KIT visit we were praised for the things we were doing well but we were also challenged to do even better where we could.  I want to praise everyone for the start made to this school session but when we return on Monday 26 October we will be emphasising ‘heightened expectations’ for ourselves and our pupils.


Standards and Quality Report 2014-15 final

Harlaw whole school action plans 2015-16