It was my birthday this week and one of the more interesting gifts was a voucher for golf lessons.

Golf is a game I have played since I was about 7.  I have never had a lesson and have kind of managed to figure it out by watching others, trying out this and that and a bit of practice here and there.  I am dreading the idea of getting a lesson – what if my teacher laughs at my swing, what if they tell me I have been getting it wrong all this time and I need to change everything.  Honestly folks it is a seriously scary thought.

Much like it must be for many of our pupils as they try to figure things out, worry that they will turn up in class and be put on the spot and they will get to an examination and be found out.

I have convinced myself that the part of the answer lies in adopting more of a growth mind set (see below):

Over this session I plan to have more discussions with staff and pupils about growth and fixed mind sets.  Fear is a real barrier to learning and progress.  In my heart I know that my golf game could and should be better.  I know that if I am to improve I need to approach the teacher, let them see my weaknesses, listen to their advice on how to improve and then make time to practice what I have been taught.  This will help me be more confident when I am tested in a match situation. It will take more than one lesson, it will take time and I will have to be willing to accept advice.  I hope fellow learners recognise something of themselves in the above and find the ideas around mind sets to be helpful.