4th – 8th September 2017: Wider life of the school

Sep 9, 2017 |

On Friday I met with the officer bearers of the parent council and part of what we discussed was the wider life of the school. Linked to this was a discussion of how we let parents know what is happening in the school. In this blog I shall say a little bit about each of … read more

28th August-1st September 2017: Settling in

Sep 9, 2017 |

If last week was about ‘getting started’ this week was very much about ‘settling in’. In that respect I want to start this blog with a massive thank you to parents and pupils for their response to our requests to get to school; dressed in school uniform, on time and ready to work. The number … read more

5th-9th June 2017

Aug 27, 2017 |

Sorry for missing a few weeks. It is a busy time and the blog slipped to the side of the desk. So here is a brief snapshot of the last few weeks. 22-26 May: Our promoted staff all had briefings on school performance data. It made us think fairly deeply about how we continue to … read more

21st-25th August: Welcome back and well done

Aug 27, 2017 |

My first task is to welcome everyone back to session 2017/18 and to wish those seniors who have moved on from all the best in the future. Our new S1 intake have settled in very well and this is in no small part down to the work we did all last session to help them … read more

24th – 28th April 2017: Transitions and change

Apr 29, 2017 |

This has very much been a week where we are involved in transitions.  On Thursday our P7s were through to Harlaw for a social subjects morning and on Friday Miss Douglas and I went round the 4 local Primaries meeting the P7s in their schools.  As this was going on our senior pupils were completing their last … read more

27th-31st March: End of term

Apr 2, 2017 |

It has been a very busy term and I know the teachers and pupils will be looking forward to a well deserved Easter break.  Please remember we will not be back on Easter Monday and we return on Tuesday 18th April.  Many of our non-teaching staff will be working over the Easter break getting things … read more

20th-24th March: Study and revision

Apr 2, 2017 |

This week our seniors will be completing elements of coursework for sending off to SQA.  After that they really need to be getting themselves organised for some intensive study and revision.  I am sure any parent reading this will have their ideas about study/revision.  In my senior school years I was great at making up … read more

13th – 17th March: Risk taking behaviours and child protection

Mar 19, 2017 |

A few weeks back we held a set of assemblies linked with anti-weapons and knife crime.  These assemblies were part of a city wide initiative aimed at keeping children safe.  At the assemblies I made reference to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and to article 6 – the right to life.  … read more

6th-10th May: “Best work, first time, on time, every time”

Mar 12, 2017 |

A big focus for teachers and pupils at present is getting work complete for internal SQA deadlines.  It is difficult to underestimate the importance of this work as the coursework can represent a big part of the overall course award.  In addition, many pupils are trying to finish off unit assessments and re-assessments without which … read more

20-24th February – Choices and changes

Mar 5, 2017 |

Choices (Course choice):  There is a lot of work going on at present to ensure pupils can make informed choices.  Our S2 pupils have the chance to choose a broad ‘pathway to follow in S3 giving them some specialisation but ensuring that they are not locked into life changing decisions from a very young age.  … read more

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