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Course Title: Biology

Entry Requirements: Completion of CfE Biology in S2/3 (or completion of CfE Chemistry or Physics with a teacher’s recommendation)

Course Content: 

 In this course, we learn about cells – their structure, how they are made and about genetics and DNA. We study how our bodies work – the functions of the heart, lungs and hormones. We also look at how we move and how we stay healthy. Further work is done on plants, the environment and how our actions affect it.

A variety of learning activities including experiments and research projects are used  to develop scientific enquiry skills and effective team work. Pupils presentations, peer assessment and relevant experiments make the course challenging and enjoyable.

The course is delivered in three units – Cell Biology, Multicellular Organisms and Life on Earth.

Assessment at National 4: Internally marked exams and internally marked assignment.

                                              Candidates can either pass or fail.

Assessment at National 5: Externally marked exam (80%) and externally marked

                                              assignment (20%). Candidates can be awarded grades A to D